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Pumpkin Soup - Shared by Jeffrey Seuntjens


Pumpkin (large)                          1 nos
Potatoes (medium)                     3-4 nos
Carrots                                        1 bag (500g)

Butter                       100g
Bouillon cubes          2 nos
Liquid bouillon          30 ml


  1. Clean carrots and potatoes (shave away skin), and dice into thumb sizes pieces
  2. Cut the pumpkin into wedges following its ribs
  3. Remove the inside matter and seeds
  4. Cut into 3-4cm pieces (larger than the potato and carrots)
  5. Cut away the pumpkin skin
  6. Put all cut pieces into a large pot, filled with enough water to cover all the pieces, but not more
  7. Bring to a boil, then simmer 10-15mins
  8. Turn off heat and let cool for 30mins
  9. Ladle pieces and the water into a blender, filling the blender no more than 2/3 full
  10. Blend until puree
  11. Transfer to a holding bowl
  12. Repeat Steps 9-11 until all is blended
  13. Return all blended material to the original pot and bring to a soft boil
  14. Shave bullion cubes and put into the pot, or dump in liquid bouillon
  15. Soften butter in microwave if needed, then put in the pot and stir well with a large ladle
  16. Sample taste with a clean spoon. Add salt, butter if more desired.
  17. Serve with some pumpkin seeds, raisins or cranberries on top for color, taste, and presentation
  18. Dust with cinnamon if desired for taste
  19. Left overs can be stored in clean containers and refrigerated for up to a week

About the participant

I am a 57-year-old Singapore PR. I am developing an online business to help people with health and fitness. I am offering an online course and have written a book to help people eat simply and healthy with economical whole foods and exercise they can do anywhere.

Pumpkin soup is one way to get complete nutrition and get some folks to eat veggie that do not normally take them.

Jeffrey Seuntjens

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