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Jan 2017

​Control Hypertension to Cut Risk of Dementia

National Neuroscience Institute

​"I once attended a training where the facilitator was extremely engaging and entertaining. However, after the session, all I could remember were his jokes, instead of the content he was sharing. This made me more mindful about balancing the need to deliver the required content while engaging the learners. It taught me not to lose sight of the main point of the lesson, and to be intentional in planning my teaching activities." 

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Allied Health (CAH)
"I hope to learn to find a balance between administrative and clinical role to make the system better when I am given the opportunity to do so."
SingHealth Academy College of Healthcare Administration and Leadership (CHeAL)

​“Teaching is like playing with Lego blocks. There is no saying how the blocks will turn out; whether they become tall buildings, airplanes or cars, they have one thing in common – they are built on a foundation of creativity, knowledge and skills.”

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Allied Health (CAH)

​“I believe a good educator is one who shares best teaching or clinical practices to improve educational activities in their respective professions as well as enhances interprofessional collaborations in the healthcare community. He or she would also inspire and mentor individuals to see their involvement in education as an integral part of giving back to the professional community. I hope to engage and educate those whom I have the opportunity to meet and work with – be it students, my fellow healthcare professionals or even the patients I treat.”  

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Dentistry (CCD)

​“A good educator is very knowledgeable, yet humble; always on the lookout for opportunities to ignite student interest during lessons and is ever willing to impart pearls of wisdom through innovative ways of teaching.”

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Medicine (CCM)

​“I watched my first preceptee grow and mature from a student to a professional nurse. Now, when I see her teaching others what I had previously taught her, passing on the wisdom and knowledge to more nurses, I feel a great sense of satisfaction!”

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing (CCN)

​“Teaching is hard work but when a student becomes proficient under my tutelage, I know my efforts have paid off. It’s a bonus when students tell me that they have become more confident in assessing patients!”

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Allied Health (CAH)
“I relate teaching and learning to shopping – you generally buy things that you like or need. Similarly, you learn things that you like or find useful. This highlights the importance of making knowledge relevant when we teach and learn.”
SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Medicine (CCM)

​"Just like gold, learning is durable and pliable; it can be moulded to cater to various needs. Knowledge and skills gained are priceless and last a lifetime.”

SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing (CCN)