HealthXchange's Professional Chef Series - Chef Fredric Goh of Godmama

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life for you, our reader, we have collaborated with professional chefs for their culinary expertise in creating healthy, easy-to-make dishes for you to try at home. Because #healthiswealth #healthforgood

Nasi Ulam

This recipe serves 2.


Deboned Ikan Kembong (Chub Mackerel) - 100g

​Turmeric leaf (thinly sliced) - 1nos

​Lemongrass stalk (chopped) - 1nos

​Ginger torch flower (chopped) - 1nos

​Kaffir lime leaves (thinly sliced) - 6nos

​Vietnamese coriander/daun kesum (chopped) - 8nos 

​Long Beans (diced) - 1nos

Cucumber (deseed & diced) - 1/2 nos

​Brown rice - 2 portions

​Shallots - 5nos

​Belacan powder - 1 tbsp

​Red chillies - 4nos

​Candlenuts - 3nos


Sambal Titek steps

1. Peel shallots and wash clean

2. In a pan, lightly toast the belacan powder

3. Blend shallots, belacan powder, red chillies and candlenuts into a smooth rempah (paste)

4. In a pan, add oil and stir fry rempah till fragrant. Leave aside to cool down before storage

Nasi Ulam Steps

1. Pan fry ikan kembung and lightly season with salt

2. In a bowl, mix turmeric, lemongrass, ginger torch flower, kaffir lime leaves, Vietnamese coriander, long beans, cucumber and 2TBSP of sambal titek

3. Wash and cook rice

3. Mix rice and ingredients together. Plate and enjoy!

About the chef

In his childhood, Chef Fredric spent much of his childhood peeling buah keluak and sampling rempah for the many Nyonya dishes that filled his family’s dinner table. And who better to learn from in the kitchen than your own grandmother, particularly if she is the matriarch of a Peranakan family!

From a NITEC in Western Culinary Arts, Chef Fredric got his start in the F&B industry training under renowned Italian chef Mario Caramella at Forlino and the now-defunct inITALY. He also experienced stints in Extra Virgin Pizza, The Lokal, and Teepee Bar & Restaurant, learning to reinterpret traditional flavours into modern, swoonworthy fare. He articulates his craft best, "Writers pen stories through words and I share my family’s stories through food."

About the establishment

Godmama Peranakan Restaurant has the aim of serving accessible and good Peranakan food to as many as possible and to propagate the Peranakan cuisine to the younger generation. They strive to create a conducive environment for the team to enjoy working and for them to thrive in the food and beverage industry.

Creating a casual and modern ambiance that resonates with the younger age group, the restaurant background music is actually a playlist from Spotify curated by their young team! With a slew of awards and recognition within months of their opening, Godmama also has a team of staff that provide service from the heart, enriching their customer experiences.

Address: Funan Mall
               107 North Bridge Road #04-07

Tel : 6970 0828

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