Since 2009, as a kick-off for the support group fringe activities for the year, we have CNY Lo Hei. It is a potluck gathering of NPC members and families. We will do our unique DIY Lo Hei salad, so healthy, nutritious and feel so good!

DIY Lo Hei Salad 

Ingredients and Method:


  • Cucumber -2 medium size local ones, or 3 japanese cucumber. Choose the slim ones. Use a shredder to slice. Discard the seeds and lightly squeeze out the liquid
  • Carrot – about 15 cm long carrot - use a shredder to slice
  • White radish - use the portion nearer the leaves, which has a milder and sweeter taste
  • purple cabbage – cut with a knife
  • red, green and orange capsicum
  • mango (not so ripe – crunchy taste)
  • grapefruit
  • Green papaya (half ripe)
  • Cut all vegetables into strips.


  • Plum sauce from supermarket (any brand) – half bottle
  • lemon juice 1 pc
  • DIY fruit enzyme​ (optional)
  • Mix the above 3. Try the taste and adjust accordingly. Pour onto salad right before consumption. Then add olive oil to the salad.

Nuts & seeds

  • roast sesame seeds, roast peanuts or cashew nuts.
  • “chi-gu” chips – this will replace the deep fried thick crispy but oily chips.


Abalone and raw salmon can be added.

The first bite melted my heart. The memory was vivid. Try it with your family and friends. Nothing beats DIY. It’s safe and economical. No sugar, no coloring, no unhealthy oil. All ingredients are bought from supermarket or local market. Total cost of salad is less than $20, excluding the abalone or salmon. This portion is enough to feed 20 persons.

DIY Lo Hei Salad Mixing 

Contributor Details

Contributed by Lim Wai Cheng / NPC survivor
Dated 18 February 2010
Diagnosed year 2005

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