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Garlic Chilli Fish - Shared by Wilman Low


- 1 whole sea bass
- 8 cloves of garlic
- 5 small red chilli
- 4 tblspn of oyster sauce
- 1 tblspn of soy sauce

- 1 tspn of sugar

- 1tblspn of rice wine

- 2 tspn of salt
- 1/2 tspn of chicken essence
- 1 egg white
- dash of white pepper
- 2 tblspn of cornflour

- Scallions

Marinate Fish

- De-Bone the fish, and cut fish into slices
- Wash sliced fish and dry off excess water
- Add 1/2 tspn of chicken essence
- Add dash of pepper
- Add 1 egg white
- Add 2 tblspn of cornflour
- Mix well and leave for at least 20 minutes

Special Soy Sauce

- Mix 2 tblspn of Soy sauce with 2 tblspn of water and 1 tspn of sugar or rock sugar
- Heat pan and transfer mixture, boil low heat and ensure sugar melts

Chilli Garlic Sauce

- Add 8 cloves of garlic and 5 small red chilli to blender. Blend well.
- Heat pan with 2 tblspn of oil. Add blended chilli and garlic.
- Add 1 tblspn of oyster sauce
- Add 1 tblspn of soy sauce
- Add 1/2 tblspn of chicken essence
- Add 1 tspn of salt
- Low heat and mix well/stir till fragrant(around 3 minutes)
- Transfer in bowl for use after


  1. Heat wok with water and add some scallion white/knob of ginger/1 tspn of salt/1 tblspn of rice wine.

  2. Add fish bone to boil in work for few minutes and transfer to plate.

  3. Add sliced fish to boil in wok till 90% cooked and transfer to plate.

  4. Add special soy sauce and chilli garlic sauce to plated fish.

  5. Heat 1 tblspn of Oil with high heat and pour onto plated fish.

  6. Garnish with chopped green scallion.

Tender sliced fish with burst of garlic/chilli goodness, yums!

About the participant

Sharing my humble recipes that I consistently share to all friends in my Facebook. I'm a supply chain professional with a global logistics MNC. I have an avid passion in cooking, I am self taught and always looking to enhance my cooking experience. I believe delicious dishes comes when you #cookforfun and #cookwithpassion.

Wilman Low

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