​HealthXchange's Professional Chef Series - Chef IsAac Tan of Grain

In an ongoing effort to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life for you, our reader, we have collaborated with professional chefs for their culinary expertise in creating healthy, easy-to-make dishes for you to try at home. Because #healthiswealth #healthforgood

Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken

This recipe serves 4.


Deboned skinless chicken thigh - 1kg

​Brown sugar - 1 tbsp

​Cajun powder - 1.5 tbsp

​Lime juice - 1 tbsp

​Garam masala - 1tsp

​Minced garlic - 1 tbsp

​Olive oil - 2 tbsp

​Broccoli - 400g

​Sesame oil - A dash

​Black rice - 600-800g

​Lime powder - 2 tbsp

​Sugar - to taste

​Cherry tomatoes (halved) - 7



1. Mix all marinade ingredients (brown sugar, cajun powder, lime juice, garam masala, minced garlic, olive oil) in a bowl. Rub in marinade onto chicken thighs, leave overnight.

2. Preheat oven to 180 deg and grill chicken for 15-18 mins or until completely cooked.

3. Blanch broccoli in salt water until bright green. Drain water, and add dash of sesame oil for fragrance.

4. Wash rice, cook in rice cooker with a rice to water ratio of 1 : 1.3.  Add cooked rice, lime powder and sugar in large bowl, mix well.

5. Plate rice on bottom. Place sliced chicken thigh, broccoli and cherry tomatoes on top. Add a scoop of pesto to side. Your dish is ready to be served!

About the Chef

Chef Isaac once apprenticed under the infamous Gordon Ramsay’s in a way, by apprenticing under a protégé of the celebrity chef! And he has prepared food for big names such as Arrested Development, Slum Village and Fat Joe. In his culinary journey, he has been exposed to production kitchens, fine dining and even butchery — and that is where he picked up skills and dishes from French, Italian, Progressive, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and local cuisines. He is now one of the founding members of Grain.

About the establishment

Started in 2014, Grain is an online exclusive restaurant. The founders found themselves asking themselves everyday, "What do we eat today?". And thus, Grain was born. They are on a mission to create meaningful food experiences for you and the people you love.

You can visit their website here.