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Herbal Chicken - Shared by Yan Zhi

My Best Healthy Recipe - Herbal Chicken - Yan Zhi


- 1 whole chicken
- 1 whole ginseng root
- 20 g Codonopsis (dang shen)
- 15 g Dried Chinese yam (huai shan)
- 20 g Astragalus Root (bei qi)

- 4-5 red dates
- 25 g Solomon's Seal (yu zhu
- Wolfberries (Gou qi zi)
- 1 Brand's Essence of Chicken.

Chicken Marinate

- 1 bottle of Brand's Essence of Chicken
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 1 tablespoon of sesame oil


  1. Season chicken with marinade and leave in the fridge for at least an hour.

  2. Prepare a sheet of aluminium foil and a cellophane film paper and place both sheets on a steaming plate big enough to go in your steaming pot or wok.

  3. Put the chicken in the sheets and fill the cavity with the herbs and dates, only leaving the gou qi berries and yu zhu outside the chicken.

  4. Pour the remains of marinade into the cavity of the chicken. Pour the essence of chicken over the chicken.

  5. Wrap the chicken with the plastic and tie a knot tightly. After that, cover the packet with aluminium foil.

  6. Steam for 40-50 minutes, and your dish is ready to serve!

About the participant

I'm Yan Zhi and due to this CoVid-19 situation, I am working from home and have decided to pick up cooking! Given that the kitchen is now free, I'd thought I'd cook up a storm! I tried to replicate what I saw on websites and other recipes. I guess my attempt was not wasted as my chicken dish was gobbled up in a matter of minutes by my family of 5.

Yan Zhi

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