Caring for Yourself

Dedicated to our Healthcare Heroes!

Caring for the loved ones of healthcare workers during COVID-19

As nationwide precautionary measures are taken to combat the spread of virus in Singapore, individuals working in a healthcare industry may be facing stressful moments at work

However, as heathcare workers, you must not neglect the fact that your family members and loved ones are equally, if not more, affected.

  1. Your family members may worry for your safety
  2. They may worry about catching infections from you
  3. They may not understand the changes in your behavior/ actions
  4. Their behaviour/ actions may have changed towards you
  5. They may face discrimination at work or in school as a result of your work in healthcare
  6. They may be at a loss, not knowing how or what they can do to help you
  7. They may need more support than you can provide
  8. Recognise that people around you may be under stress too

What can you do for your family members and loved ones?


  • Talk to your family members. Talking is the most healing medicine
  • Talk honestly and reassuringly
  • Talk about what you do at work
  • Talk about the infection protection measures offered at your hospital
  • Talk about the infection protection you take
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Talk about how you noticed a change in their behaviour (if any)

When do you stop talking?

Like yourself, your family members need to talk too. Their feelings are equally valid. Do not take their anger or other feelings personally. So, stop talking to let them speak and share their concerns with you. Stop talking to listen carefully

If your loved ones do not live with you

Given the current state of technology, even if you are currently staying away from your loved ones, connecting with them is super easy; call or skype or facetime them. It is important to keep in contact and talk to them. It may also be useful to provide them with contact information in case of emergency.

How to talk to your kids about COVID-19

It may be good to sit your children down and talk to them about the current situation. If you have young children, explain in simple terms:

  • You have to shower before hugging them
  • That they can still count on you and other adults
  • Your love for them remains the same

Can't do it alone? Get support

If talking does not work out, you may want to involve

  • Another close family member
  • A trusted friend
  • Your religious leader
  • A counsellor


Remember to also check in on your other family - your work family!

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”
~ Barbara Bush

Together, we will see this through!

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