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We know it is very emotionally stressful to find out that you have contracted nose cancer. But all is not lost as there is hope.We know what you are going through as survivors we have been through it before. We believe that no one should have to go through this cancer journey alone. We are here to help you and give you hope.

Who are we?

A voluntary Support Group formed by nose cancer survivors to reach out to nose cancer (NPC) patients - current patients or survivors - and their care-givers. The Group has been formed under the auspices of the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) and works closely with health and medical professionals.

As nose cancer survivors, we are here to share our experiences as we have walked through the treatment journey before and know what to expect, lend a listening ear, offer words of comfort and hope, and help survivors with their post recovery care through sharing and learning from one another.

What do we offer?

NPC Support Group

The Group offers nose cancer (NPC) patients and their care-givers opportunities for:

  • Interaction & sharing through organised activities
  • Learn from health professionals about the many facets of nose cancer, including treatment and post recovery care.

  • Includes advice on Diet, Recipes, Personal Sharing experiences, and much more.

NPC Online Forum

  • Support and care through the sharing of personal experiences and practices. Feel free to talk to us!

Mission Statement

The NPC Support Group aims to provide knowledge and psychological and emotional support to nose cancer (NPC) patients and care-givers through organised activities, talks, care and the sharing of experiences and practices.

NPC Committee

NCCS Medical Advisers: Dr Terence Tan
Dr Soong Yoke Lim
Programme Leader: Teo Thiam Chye (TC)
Members: Lim Wai Cheng
Merlyn Chan
Lin Jiang
Michael Lee
Jimmy Lee
Lim Kok Kiong
Lawrence Er
NCCS Rep: Travis Loh

Contact Us

National Cancer Centre Singapore

Name: Mr Travis Loh
Phone: 6436 8668

NPC Support Group

Headed by Mr Teo Thiam Chye (TC)
Phone: 9631 7887

2017 Theme - Living with Nose Cancer

Date Topics Synopsis
6 January, Friday Understanding the Role of Chemotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Chemotherapy is usually offered to Stage 3 & 4A patients. Find out how chemotherapy helps to rid the body of cancer cells, as well as its side effects.
11 February, Saturday Chinese New Year Celebration - Lohei Party Let's come together as a NPC Family to celebrate Chinese New Year with a lohei, buffet lunch and karaoke party and wish each other a year of health, peace and prosperity.
3 March, Friday TCM - Its Role in the Restoration of Health Learn the TCM perspective of how the body falls ill and how TCM can address imbalances by combining herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage.
7 April, Friday Side Effects of Head & Neck Radiation Radiotherapy to the head and neck region is particularly challenging as there are many important nerves and organs that are vital for daily function. Unfortunately, radiation may result in permanent damage to some of these organs and have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life. Find out what they are, how they affect function and what can be done about it.
5 May, Friday Members' Sharing - My Journey with Cancer Every survivor has his/her story to tell regarding their NPC journey from diagnosis through to treatment and life post-NPC. Hear what each has to say in this sharing session.
2 June, Friday Members' Sharing - How to Live a Better & Healthier Life After Treatment How can survivors live a better life after cancer treatment? Our survivors will share how each of them have managed to live well as an encouragement to others.
7 July, Friday Muscular Exercises to Remediate/Prevent Post-Treatment Side Effects Muscular tightness in the head, neck and shoulder area is a common side effect from radiotherapy. Learn from the physiotherapist those exercises needed to heal and prevent them.
18 August, Friday Members' Sharing - Optimising Nutrition in our Body For cancer survivors, a balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates, good quality protein and healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, fibre and water is essential to our well being. Learn from fellow survivors how to optimise nutrition uptake to improve one's health.
8 September, Friday Dental Issues - Dealing with oral cavities, weak gums, nerve pain and extractions Beyond daily oral hygiene, survivors often have to face oral cavities, weak gums, nerve pains, tooth extractions and deep root canal issues. Learn from the dentist how to deal with these issues.
6 October, Friday Securing Insurance Coverage After Diagnosis, In & Outs of LPAs & Wills What types of insurance are available to cancer survivors like us? How are we assessed and how are policies priced? What is a Lasting Power of Attorney and how is it different from a will? Find out at this session from an insurance financial adviser cum fellow NPC survivor and a specialist in LPAs and wills.
3 November, Friday Members' Sharing - Dealing with Recurrence Hear from fellow survivors how they dealt with recurrence, went about choosing the most suitable treatment option, and rode the emotional roller coaster a second time.
December Year End Break
Preparing for 2018

  1. Talk is held on the Friday of each month unless otherwise stated.
  2. Talk is held from 6.30pm to 9.00pm at the National Cancer Centre Function Room Level 4.
  3. Topics are subject to change without notice. Please check the website for any updates.
  4. To register for the talk, please email

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