In August 2003 when I was diagnosed with NPC stage 2,
I had no external help nor anyone to turn to.

Helplessly, I had to battle cancer, a vicious and deadly foe, all alone, ​
While desperately seeking solutions for my problems in the combat zone.

In January 2006, a handful of visionary NPC warriors voluntarily banded together,

To establish a Support Group for NPC patients, survivors and care-givers. ​

​Its mission is to provide knowledge, care, psychological and emotional supports,
Through organised activities, talks, experience sharing and personal rapports.​

So that patients can cope better with their illnesses,
​And hopefully, able to recover with minimal bruises.

Survivors can and should exploit the Group's expertise and resources,
​To help them stay cancer free, healthy and vigorous.​

Care-givers have a difficult t​ask providing their loved ones with quality care; ​
​The Group o​ffers them a one-stop aid centre where all kinds of help are available for them to use or share.

Patients, survivors and care-givers today are much better off than before;
They have free access to help, vast network of friends for supports and lots of information to explore.


Come to NPC Support Group for help or for someone to console;
A helping hand will surely be there for you to hold.

​Contributed by Bernard Ng / NPC survivor
Dated 10 November 2010
​Survivor since 2003

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