CNY Lo Hei gathering marks the first fringe activity for the year. Our theme remains, Exercise, Eat Right and Be Happy!

30 of us gathered at the function room of a member’s residence condominium. The number was just right. Everyone is a contributor/sponsor . We thank everyone for the food contribution and participation. Never mind if you are not bringing food. Let your presence brighten up the atmosphere and that's also a great contribution.

We started from 11 am. Those who arrived early helped in the set up of the food table and decoration, as well as sit down for a good time to know one another. As the food arrived gradually, we were all ready to toss the special DIY lo hei salad. All of us were so excited that we forgot to take a group photo with our creative dish. When the olive oil was poured, all of us started to shout “lo-ah, huat-ah”! Wow, wow, wow! We cleaned up every shred on the plate as well as those fell on the table. I think this is the best lo hei salad I made. Of course, last year’s was also very delicious. Every year we improve on it.

After lunch, we had a Get To Know You session. After every NPC talk, we stay back and talk and talk and talk, never ending. So this is the chance. We have ample time for sharing - on secret recipe, damage recovery program, heartwarming stories, etc.

Take a look at the menu. I can tell you, these home-cooked food is even better than 5-star restaurants. Kudos to all our NPC celebrity chefs!

Menu for the day


DIY lo hei salad with abalone and salmon
black bean trotter soup
fried noodle
pandan leaves+lemongrass+garlic fragrant rice
braised mushroom
vegetable curry
chicken drumsticks


konnyaku jelly
almond longan
jelly fruits


herbal tea


Wholemeal vegetarian pau


CD of CNY songs

Contributed by : Lim Wai Cheng/ NPC survivor
Dated 15 February 2011
Survivor since 2005

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