Nose cancer survivor Lim Wai Cheng shares his personal experience in relieving a blocked ear the natural way, without medication.

Recently, on two occasions, when I blew my nose after flushing it, the fluid went into my ear even though I did not blow too hard. A few days later, my left ear was blocked and I was in pain. After a good rest and with the aid of chakra healing, the pain subsided. But the ringing sensation continued in my ear and my hearing was affected. I could not tell which phone was ringing in my office and I had to ask my colleagues to repeat themselves because I could not hear well. My concentration level fell. I felt a bit defeated.

I have had this problem of a blocked ear right since the completion of radiation for my nose cancer. It comes and goes. Sometimes it lasts a few weeks. There is no instant cure, but I know how to deal with it. It takes time to heal.

Know the cause and cope the natural way

This time, after experiencing the discomfort in my office, I spoke to the company GP who prescribed ear drops and an antihistamine. It never occurred to me to visit an ENT specialist as getting an appointment would take 2-3 weeks. Besides, I had no time and extra cash to spare.

I threw the medicines away and, as I knew the cause of the problem, I tried to flush my nose and gargle my throat to get rid of the phlegm. I consulted my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician and analysed the problem with her. We concluded that I should take Chinese herbs to loosen the phlegm that was stuck in my middle ear. At the same time, I had acupuncture for the numbness in my left arm. When the needle got through my skin to the acu-point, my left ear felt warm. However, after the 30 minute session, I did not feel particularly relieved of the ringing ear.

Two days later when I got back to work, I could hear gushes of flowing water when I walked past heavy traffic. Everything seemed so noisy, I could even hear my own heartbeat. I tried not to get into heavy traffic or crowded areas, which meant I stayed at home and indoors as far as possible. The ringing became more intense when I was near the fridge or heavy office equipment. Electromagnetic waves do have a negative impact on our health. TV, mobile phones and computers have become an integral part of our lives. We have to learn how to manage and balance this aspect of our lives.

Persevering with TCM

I persevered with TCM. The phlegm loosened more easily. I resumed my weekend exercise in the park after a gap of three to four weeks due to my busy schedule. As I stretched my mouth and stuck out my tongue, I could feel the pressure in my left ear ease slightly. When I took a deep yawn, there was also a positive response. I continued with my deep breathing exercise. Nature has great healing power and I felt good after spending one-and-a-half hours in the fresh morning air. The blocked ear was very much relieved.

Stress is another contributing cause of these ailments. I try to go home right after work to rest. Having no agenda on weekends is a luxury and very good for resting the mind. On Sundays, I enjoy sweating out in the park, cook myself a good meal, watch my favourite Japan Hour on Channel News Asia, and then have my blissful afternoon nap.

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