I am sharing a powerpoint presentation on "Managing the Common Side Effects of Radiotherapy (RT)" following treatment and as part of post recovery care. This presentation was made at the NCCS NPC Support Group Monthly Talk on 10th January 2014 during our Members Sharing Session.

The sharing is derived from my own experiences, current medical practises and also from other survivors in the support group. It is not intended to be a comprehensive or exhaustive solution as survivors are always encouraged to continue to find their own answers to cope with these long term damaging side effects. Invariably all surviors, without exception, will face all the side effects listed in the powerpoint presentation. The difference is the degree of severity depending on the location of the tumour and where the RT rays were directed.

I hope this sharing will go some way to​ guide survivors in their post recovery care.

Click here​​ ​for the ​presentation​.

Contributed by T​eo Thiam Chye (TC) / NPC survivor
Date: 10 January 2014​​
Survivor since 2003​

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