Run the race of your life

But what seemed a death sentence became a life transformer

"I have been an exercise fanatic since my JC days. When serving in the army, I was running competitively. I always felt life was great until cancer struck and the whole picture changed. But what seemed a death sentence became a life transformer. Terry Fox once said: 'Cancer gave me the courage I never had before – the courage to conquer with one leg what I couldn't even face with two', and I could not agree with him more.

It had never occurred to me that I could run a marathon. Even in my 20s I thought it was impossible but cancer gave me the courage to do it, and I like what I am seeing in myself. Cancer does leave scars and one of the most daunting difficulties I face during a marathon is the dryness in my mouth which is a result of my damaged salivary glands. I also have shooting needle-like pain in my arms and fingertips because of the impaired nerves in my neck.

Sometimes winning is just about finishing

Despite this little setback I believe God still does not make a piece of junk. I realised too that winning is not about finishing first. Sometimes winning is just about finishing. I have done six marathons in the last three years, completing my full marathon and two triathlons last year. This has not only improved my cardio but also strengthened my immunity and physical dexterity, and it has definitely helped minimise the​ side effects from the treatment.

I hope I can be an inspiration to the over 100 nose cancer survivors in the NPC Support Group at National Cancer Centre Singapore​ (​NCCS), TTSH and NUH. If time permits I hope to start an Endurance Sport Cancer Survivor Group. If anyone is interested to join me to start this endurance sports group, please do email me. I am excited to work along with you. To all the cancer suvivors out there – WE can live a life FAR GREATER than cancer… Man it's JUST cancer!!"


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