People hate me, some refuse to talk about me;
They call me all kinds of awful name.

Medical science has unveiled a great deal about me and my origin;
Unfortunately, not enough is known as to how I select my victims.

Indiscriminate I have to be when hunting for preys;
There are not many as people are more healthy nowadays.

Let me share with you what I like and what I dislike,
And you'll understand how I satisfy my ferocious appetite.

I like people with fragile health and troubled mind;
They are usually weak and easy targets to find.

People inherited with my genes and the feeble old folks,
Are potential preys I absolutely find no pleasure to stalk.

I dislike people with vibrant health and peaceful mind;
Their resistance is too strong for me to undermine.

If you want to stay away from my strike,
Do what I dislike and avoid what I like.

Although I am formidable, I am definitely not invincible;
Appropriate medical treatments can render me completely disabled.

But, sometimes, you may not get rid of me in entirety;
Revival is possible for me when there is an opportunity.

Therefore, if you want to contain me indefinitely,
You need to be on your guards constantly.

Either you take good care of your health and free your mind,
Or you have me lurking behind you most of the time.

So, who am I ? By now, you may have figured out the answer;
Yes, I am the dreadful and deadly monster you call - cancer.

Contributed by Bernard Ng / NPC survivor
Dated 10 November 2010
Survivor since 2003

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