I am Chan and considered myself as a low profile NPC member. Due to family commitment, I have missed countless of NPC talks since my recovery. TC will understand my constraint as on most Friday evenings, my time will be with my eldest son (9 yrs old) at his music class, that certainly coincides with the NPC enriched workshop.

Here is some brief background of myself.
​​Name: Chan Boon Foo
Age : 41
Diagnosis : Dec 2011 Stage 3 NPC
Treatment Period : Feb-May 2012 for Chemothera​​py & Radiotherapy​
Initial Weight : 76kg
Interim weight during treatment : 63kg
Current weight : 70kg
Remission : 1st year after treatment​​​

As shown in the 2 photos below, you can see my state during treatment (in the blue singlet). And in the 3rd photo, you will see a revitalized, reborned and rejuvenated Boon Foo. Intensely inspired by you old and great warriors/guardians. During my days of treatment, which also proved to be my lowest point of life, when pessimism invaded me, the positive mental beliefs and inspirational figures of you folks have bailed me out again and again. With the existing crop of old yet strong and determined NPC warriors optimistically living on, as a young chap I have zero basis to whine and to throw in the towel.

My Gained Overwhelmed My Lost My Gained Overwhelmed My Lost

Exercise is the key!! And of paramount!! Maybe my age is my advantage, I engaged in diversified cardio exercises like cycling, jogging, swimming, light gym workout and some unconventional training sessions like climbing/sprinting up of stairs and long distance brisk walking.

Last but not least, my statement for the journey: "My gained overwhelmed my lost...."

I am looking forward for my next attendance at the talk. With that, my blessings to all NPC survivors, stay strong, live on and fight on.

Special thanks to these three encouraging and inspirational person who have played a significant role in my challenging journey:

  1. TC (A fatherly figure and a reliable shoulder for me to lean on, always)
  2. Sock Kim (My key to this great NPC forum, if not for her blog and her continuous encouragement)
  3. James Pang (My mentor and NPC buddy who is always there. Always selflessly answer to my doubts and inquires without fail. With him, I know I will never walk alone)

My Gained Overwhelmed My Lost 

Contributed by Chan Boon Foo / NPC survivor​
Dated 14 June 2013
Survivor since 2011

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