NPC Pain

Pain, go away, you are not my friend and will never be;
You intruded my body and maliciously took advantage of me.

You are a vicious and ruthless predator;
Your only aim is make peoples’ lives miserable.

You tortured me mercilessly as I suffered in great agony;
Waiting for the day I can overcome you and free myself from all miseries.

You are formidable but not invincible;
I have medical assistance and medication to put you under control.

I may not get rid of you completely, but I could at least manage you effectively;
To regain some form of normalcy in my daily activities.

Triumphant I might feel consequently, but I have to be wary of you consistently;
If I let my guards down, you will surely return and revive all my miseries.

Contributed by: Bernard Ng
Date: 25 October 2009
Survivor since 2003

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