Hospice, to certain people, is a word strictly taboo

They viewed it absolutely as a death house where the dying are confined to.

When my illness deteriorated, I wanted to know what hospice is all about;
Could someone please enlighten me, I pleaded aloud.

I could, with my nurses and social workers from ASSISI
Hospice, said Dr Hosen;
We are here to make life happy and comfortable for all our patients.

At the hospice, dedicated staff work round the clock, providing
care and support;
So that patients can pass their days in pleasing comfort.

Here, professionalism, compassion and humanity is profoundly
When you see hospice staff attending to the feeble and the disabled.

Home patients receive visits by doctors, nurses and social
counselors, who provide them with palliative care;
Just to make sure no one is left out in despair.

Sadly, hospice patients will pass away eventually;
Humanely, everything possible will be done so that no one
dies in agony.

Now I know why hospice is less repulsive and more endearing;
Because patients here can live peacefully with minimal suffering.

So, death house or heavenly shelter?
Let the facts be the decider.

Thank you Dr Hosen and your dedicated crew;
Without you all, today, I probably, might not be that cool.

NPC Hospice - Death House or Heavenly Shelter

Contributed by Bernard Ng / NPC survivor
Dated 23 July 2010
Survivor since 2003

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