Having a bad cough? Try this remedy.

A Cough Recipe 化痰止咳药

Ingredients 材料

  1. 川贝
  2. 无花果(干湿皆可)
  3. 南杏北杏
  4. 吉饼
  5. 甘草
  6. 雪梨(3 - 4个)

Method 煮法

  1. Rinse dried mandarin orange of excess sugar. Cut into pieces
  2. 吉饼冲掉多余糖分,切块。
  3. Rinse dried figs, cut into halves.
  4. 无花果冲水,切半。
  5. Remove skin and seeds of pear.
  6. 雪梨削皮去籽,切块。
  7. Add all ingredients to pot, add 1.7 litre of water. Boil for about 1 hour.
  8. 把所有材料放进锅,加1.7 公升水,煮1 小时。


This recipe is good for relieving cough, sore throat, dry throat and phlegm.( 功效:止咳,化痰,润喉 )

Where to Buy Ingredients?

All ingredients are available at neighborhood Chinese medical store. Some are sold pre-packed so you save the trouble of getting individual ingredients. However, the quality of the pre-packed ingredients is not good and small in portion. The pear is an additional item according to personal liking.

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