The weather forecast was heavy rain for the weekend. Yip and I spoke about contingency plan, but did not come up with one. My feeling was that it would be fine. On Friday night, excited members were calling up one another to confirm the meeting time and place.

The morning greeted us with mild temperature and a not so cloudy sky. A total of 7 cars departed from various points in Singapore - Chua Chu Kang, Jurong, Clementi, Sembawang, Serangoon and 2 from Pasir Ris. It was quite an adventurous trip for some of us, going into the “outback” of Singapore.

All of us (25 pax) converged at the first meeting point at Kok Fah aloe vera farm at 9.00 am. Excited by the variety and freshness of the vegetables, members started grocery shopping right away! We had to “dissuade” them from buying too much as there were 2 more farms we would visit. Nevertheless, we just could not resist the freshness of the vegetables which we can never get in our local neighborhood markets. OK la, let them buy and be happy. In no less than 30 minutes, all of us were full of harvest, including the famous fresh aloe vera. 2 leaves of aloe vera costs $5.00. 4-5 cm strip can be cut as and when we need it. The remainder need not be refrigerated. I find it a very good moisturizer for the skin, be it on the face, neck, hands or feet.

Our caravan of 7 cars headed for the second destination – Quan Fa Organic Farm. Again, members got so excited and started on their buying spree. Please hold on! Let us tour the farm first. The person in charge, Max, conducted an educational tour on the farm, sharing with us his knowledge and experience about nutrition and organic food diet. I did not expect Max to be a young man when I spoke to him on the phone. It’s good to know that young people are into this healthy trend of eating right.

We tasted sprouts from snow peas and sunflower seeds. So refreshing! We also tasted coriander, mint, basil leaves (Thai and Italian species), kailan, sweet potato leaves, endive, lady finger, bitter gourd and other vegetables in its raw state. It was not as bitter as some of us expected. Even the flowers of the 7 needle plant can be consumed. Human beings can consume all vegetables that worms bite on, while vegetables that worms are not interested in are to be avoided. It’s up to you to buy the story or not.

After the farm tour, we started on our shopping spree. We were all eager to buy those fresh vegetables which Max showed us. What impressed me most was the sweet corn. It was so sweet and refreshing to munch on! Our cars became heavier with another load of harvest.

Lunch was arranged at Bollywood Veggies where the lady boss Ivy came to welcome us. The portion of food served was small in order not to waste. We could ask for 2nd or 3rd refill at no extra charge. All of us were so hungry and ate well. At the restaurant, we got a chance to sit down and shared with one another about our diet and lifestyle, which was always the topic when we come together. Simple food can be very nice and kind to our bodies.

The last stop of the farm visit was Kin Yan Agrotech. Again, we were impressed with the products at the shop and could not wait to buy. The person in charge gave a presentation on wheatgrass sprouting and mushroom cultivation. The food tasting was a heartwarming experience. Cactus + chicken + sweet dates can make such wonderful tasting soup! The fresh mushrooms were so crunchy and tasty! Again, we were loaded with another bag of harvest and sharing of recipe among members.

It was a very enriching outing for the support group, with a very good harvest of organic products and good bonding among members. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation and kind offer of all the 7 drivers to make this possible. Needless to say, we look forward to the next fringe activity.

Contributed by Lim Wai Cheng
Date: 25 July 2010
NPC survivor since 2005

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