Relapse or recurrence is a taboo word cancer survivors dread to hear;

Some may view it as a death sentence with devastating and traumatising fear.

Sadly and inexplicably for some, cancer can and do return with menacing ferocity,

And the unfortunate ones facing it may have a great deal of distress and anxiety.

But, take heart, fortunately it's not the end of the world, if that's your main worry;

Some, like me, have gone through it and are still alive today to tell our stories.

When cancer returns, there are things you should and must do;

Try your best not to panic, keep a clear head, stay calm and cool.

Listen carefully what your doctor has to say and what treatment/s he advises;

Don't hesitate to ask him questions you have in mind and note down his replies.

If you have many things you are not sure or your situation is quite complicated,

You may wish to seek second opinion and further assessment by a cancer expert.

You may share experience with cancer survivors who had walked similar journey;

Their input's efficacy and your acceptance must be appriased and decided by you only.

Discuss all suggestions and treatment options with family members present,

Hopefully a joint decision can be reased on a preferred treatment.

Find out all you can, the side effects of the treatment you prefer,

To be aware of the consequences you may subsequently have to suffer.

All treatments have pros and cons, they warrant your careful consideration;

Whatever your choice may be, there is no such thing as a guaranteed option.

Once you have made a final decision, go forward bravely with a positive mentality;

Go pray and hope for the best but be prepared for any eventuality.

If you did all things right, with luck smiling on your side and, better still, your cancer localised;

Chances are good that you will emerge triumphantly from the dark to see your new bud of life shines.

Contributed by Bernard Ng / NPC survivor​
Dated 3 December 2010
Survivor since 2003

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