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Healthy cake - Shared by Jia Min


Eggs 6 nos

Fresh Milk 80g

Sugar 40g​

Vegetable Oil 40g

​Lemon Juice

​Cake flour 100g


1. Pre-heat rice cooker at "keep warm" mode.
2. In a bowl, sieve the flour and add in the oil. Mix well.

3. Add in the milk to the mixture and mix well. Set aside for use later.



1. Separate the egg white and yolk.

2. Add yolk to mixture A and mix well.

3. Add a few drops of lemon juice and sugar to remaining egg white. Mix under high speed.


Tip: To check doneness of the egg white, flip the bowl upside down and the egg white foam should not topple down.



1. Combine B into A and mix well.

2. Brush a layer of oil in the rice cooker and pour the mixture into the rice cooker

3. Remove big air bubbles. Set cooker to "cake function" for 40mins. Thereafter, leave lid closed, and set to "keep warm" for 20mins.

4. Afterwards, flip the rice cooker upside down (to prevent the cake from sinking), remove the cake and serve.

About the participant

Hello, I am a teenager and I am having my vacation break currently. My family loves eating cake, but I find that cakes sold commercially are too sweet and oily. The cakes are often dressed in cream which makes it even more unhealthy. It is my first time exploring baking a cake using the rice cooker. I would like to explore more and try out different desserts for my family!

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