For mom

At pregnancy week 22, the tip of your uterus would have reached the level of your belly button.

Stretch marks at week 22

Around now, stretch marks would be starting to appear. They are usually blue, purple or pink in colour but don’t worry! Eventually, they will fade to a pale white after delivery.

Tips for leg cramps and swelling

If you are starting to experience leg cramps and feet swelling, it helps to put your feet up at the end of the day. It would also help to do gentle stretching exercises.

Are your moles and freckles looking darker?

You may experience pigmentation problems during pregnancy - existing moles or freckles on your face may darken. A good sun block can prevent them from darkening any further.

For baby

Can baby see at week 22?

At pregnancy week 22, your baby's eyelids have begun to separate. However, it does not mean that your baby can see just yet. What it can do is react to changes in light and dark environments.

For your baby to “see” like we can, all images captured needs to be sent to the back of the brain where the visual centre is in order to be processed and recognised. A newborn first starts using this apparatus by training itself to recognise frequently appearing images.

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