​Lotus peanut soup, tomato fish soup, steam yam, tomato onions fried eggs are some of the food that we can eat during breakfast or lunch.

Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper - Javier Won, Dietitians from Sengkang Community Hospital explains that eating breakfast like a king means having a balance diet so you need to have carbs, fruits, vegetables, good quality proteins like eggs, lean meat, beans, unsaturated fats and fibre.

Most people do not have a proper breakfast because most of the time, they are rushing for work and they usually eat just a few pieces of biscuits or drink a cup of their favourite drink or skip breakfast total and would only eat during lunch to compensate their meal, which is not good habit.

Javier advises to eat a good breakfast, have enough nutrition, energy, a stable blood sugar level and better mood to maintain a healthier body weight.

He also added to avoid food that are high in sugar and fats – limiting them to one or two pieces each time – and not consuming too much calorie intake at one time.

Everyone has the right to enjoy good food but the most important thing is to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balance diet and exercise more to burn the calories and increase muscle strength.