​Prehabilitation is care initiated before a patient receives cancer treatment or surgery.

Prehabilitation helps to facilitate and optimise the patient's return to health following treatment.

The prehabilitation process begins when patients are newly diagnosed with cancer. Next, patients undergo frailty, functional, and mental wellness tests performed by the Prehabilitation team helmed by a Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor, who then draws up a personalised intervention plan that includes exercise prescriptions as well as advice relating to nutrition and mental wellness.

In the case of Changi General Hopital's (CGH) home-based programme, the hospital offers a one-stop solution in order to reduce the number of patient visits for pre-operation assessment and subsequently to allow patients to do their prehabilitation at home. This eliminates the need for patients to make multiple visits to the hospital. For more on CGH's prehabilitation programme, read the article here.

If you have questions about prehabilitation care, don't hesitate to ask Dr Kwok Kah Meng, Consultant from the Department of Rehabilitation at CGH, a member of the SingHealth group, in this month's ‘Ask the Specialist’ Q&A forum.

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About Dr Kwok Kah Meng

Clinical Assistant Professor (Dr) Kwok is a Consultant Rehabilitation Physician with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in Changi General Hospital. He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2008, completed his postgraduate Masters of Medicine (NUS) and MRCP(Edinburgh) in 2013, and his specialty training in Rehabilitation Medicine in 2017 and received the Outstanding Resident Award for that year.

His research interest is in Cancer Prehabilitation and he is the Clinical Champion pioneering the Cancer Prehabilitation Program in CGH, which was set up in the beginning of 2020. He is also actively involved in other committee work, such as the CGH Research Committee, CGH Telemedicine Workgroup, CGH Department Assessment and Standards Committee, and Saint Andrews Community Hospital (SACH) Falls Prevention & Management Quality Assurance Committee.

He is also the Departmental Chairman of Morbidity and Mortality Rounds, and had been previously consulted as a Subject Matter Expert by the National One-Rehab Community Rehab Transformation Workgroup.

Apart from clinical work, Dr Kwok is also passionate about teaching and has teaching positions in both NUS Yong Loo Lin and Duke-NUS medical schools.

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