A high-risk pregnancy may endanger the health and lives of the mother or baby. Which conditions cause high-risk pregnancies and what can you do to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby?

Take the opportunity to ask Dr Tan Eng Loy, Senior Consultant, at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Singapore General Hospital​, a member​ of the SingHealth​ group, about high-risk pregnancy.

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Dr Tan Eng Loy​
Senior Consultant
Department of Obstetric​​s & Gynaecology
​​​​Singapore General Hospital​​​​

Dr Tan Eng Loy is a senio​r co​nsultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Singapore General Hospital.

His interests include high risk pregnancies, intrapartum obstetrics, electronic fetal monitoring, obstetric emergencies and trauma in pregnant women. He is actively involved i​n undergraduate and post-graduate training within his department and conducts regular obstetric emergency drills and courses for medical and nursing staff. A certified and experienced instructor on the Managing Obstetric Emergency & Trauma (MOET) Course with the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) in the United Kingdom since 2009, he has taught regularly on MOET courses in London & Manchester in the United Kingdom, as well as Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. He spent a year between 2011 and 2012 working in a busy maternity hospital in London, UK, where he broadened his clinical experience in obstetrics and gynaecology. His stint in London also allowed him to develop strong instructional skills not only on the MOET courses, but also as a trainer on the Practical Obstetric Multi-professi​onal Training (PROMPT) courses in the UK.

At SGH, he is a Senior Consultant on the High Risk Pregnancy Clinic, the Gestational Diabetes Joint Clinic, and the Cardiac Obstetric Clinic.​

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