​Dementia is a brain disease and not part of normal ageing. It refers to a group of symptoms that include memory loss and loss of independent function.

Symptoms of Dementia

The following 'red flags' suggest that a person displaying these behaviours may be in need of medical evaluation.

  • Loss of memory function (forgetting names and appointments, misplacing items, being repetitive)
  • Disoriented about place and time (getting lost in shopping malles, losing the way when driving)
  • Impaired judgement (having difficulty managing finances, making unwise or dangerous decisions)
  • Language difficulties (not remembering meanings of words, difficulty in naming objects, making grammatical errors)
  • Change in mood and behaviour (having false beliefs/hallucinations, hiding belongings, being suspicious, agitated or anxious
  • Difficulty in performing tasks (unable to organise events, not knowing how to maintain cleanliness, unable to learn new skills and unable to cope with work)

Dementia Prevention Tips

Making better lifestyle choices can help play a role in keeping your brain healthy.

  1. Keep your brain active - do puzzles, play boardgames, learn a new laguage or musical instrument
  2. Eat more fish, vegetables and high-fibre grains. Red meat consumption should be limited to 3 to 5 servings per month.
  3. Exercise regularly - at least 3 times a week, 30mins each time

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