​​Transcribed from video.

​Before you start, prepare the following items:

  • Blood glucose meter
  • Test strips
  • Lancet device/lancet
  • Dry swabs
  • A sharps box

1. Check that the correct type of battery is in use and the code key for the glucose meter is available. Every box of test strips will come with a code key where the glucose meter needs to be coded with a new code key every time a new bottle of test strips is opened.

2. Check that the code number on the display panel of the meter corresponds with that on the bottle of the test strips.

3. Check the expiry date of test strips on the box.

4. Wash your hands and dry thoroughly.

5. Prepare the lancet device and lancet appropriately.

  • Remove lancet cover.
  • Load the needle.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Replace the lancet cover carefully.
  • Adjust the depth of your needle according to your skin thickness.
  • Pull the lever and release it to prime the lancet device.

6. Remove the test strip from the foil and insert it into the glucose meter test strip slot.

  • The meter turns on automatically.

7. C​​lean tip of finger with a dry swab.

  • Place lancet device flat at the side of the finger and press down firmly.
  • Prick finger with lancet device and remove immediately.
  • Massage towards the fingertip to obtain sufficient amount of blood.
  • Place a drop of blood against the tip of test strip.
  • Apply dry swab over the punctured site.
  • Wait for reading on the glucose meter. The display screen should show the countdown until the result appears.
  • This is your blood glucose level.

8. ​Discard all used items correctly and safely.

  • Remove the lancet device cover carefully.
  • Recap the needle. Remove it.
  • Discard it into a container with a tight lid.

Accucheck – Self Blood Glucose Test System

  1. Prepare the following items.
  2. Remove device cover.
  3. Load the needle until you hear a click.
  4. Remove the cap.
  5. Replace the lancet cover carefully.
  6. There is a groove that will fit the cover.
  7. Adjust the depth of the lancet device according to your skin thickness.
  8. Prime the lancet device by clicking the back.
  9. The indicator will turn yellow when it is ready.

Record your results in a booklet and show your doctor all your results the next time you see him and let your doctor know if your result is not within the normal range.

General Tips:

  • Use a different finger (except your thumb) each time.
  • Prick the side of your fingers as the area is less sensitive​