​"Many of the issues are complex in nature and I work very closely with medical departments to resolve them. It's a real team effort, involving administrators, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.  There is no patient feedback too insignificant and our job is to ensure that every concern is attended to promptly. At the same time, we need to manage the expectations of all parties and that requires delicate handling, care and tact.

Managing patients who are highly agitated and confrontational can be stressful as some can get overly anxious when things don't go their way and use very harsh words. Their anger isn't really directed at us personally, but it can get emotionally challenging as we are on the front line.   I am thankful for the wonderful group of colleagues that I work with. They are like family and knowing that they are always here for me,  keeps me going."


Wendy Chin
Senior Executive, Service Quality
Singapore General Hospital

Winner of the Superstar–Administration Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2016. Click here to view her video.


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