Leonard is a podiatrist from Bedok Polyclinic. A podiatrist is a medical professional who helps to treat a patient’s feet, ankles and lower extremities of the feet. Podiatrists are experts in addressing a series of foot-related issues such as foot and ankle injuries, diabetic foot care as well as nail and skin disorders. 

As a podiatrist, Leonard helps people deal with a range of mobility issues, relieve pain and treat infections of the lower legs and feet, including bunions and infections. Additionally, he also offers advice on preventive care measures to help patients maintain good foot health, particularly diabetic patients, who are at a higher risk of foot complication.  

“Although our feet might be small by proportion relative to our entire body, they contain 26 bones, which makes up a quarter of all the bones in our body,” Leonard explained.

         Leonard diagnosing the cause of foot pain in patient’s foot

Taking pride in his profession, Leonard cultivates a deep dedication for his work. Known for his friendly demeanor, he never fails to brighten a patient’s day, always bringing a smile to everyone he meets. “One myth that I would like to debunk is that podiatrists are pedicurists. Although treating nails is part of what we do, these nails tend to have an underlying pathology such as ingrowing nails or fungal nails,” he added.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Leonard is an avid sports enthusiast who loves exploring new activities. He started equestrian in 2022 and it has become an exhilarating and therapeutic hobby for him. More recently, he has also taken up flyboarding, a sport he describes as “a love child between Iron Man, Dr Octavius and the Green Goblin.” When he is not treating patients or seeking new adventures, you can often find him at a tennis court with his friends, perfecting his skills and simply enjoying a game he loves.

 Leonard hitting his stride on Equestrian

Defying gravity with his new flyboarding hobby

Podiatry services are available at SHP-Bedok, SHP-Eunos, SHP-Punggol, SHP-Tampines and SHP-Tampines North. This service will also be available at SHP-Bukit Merah from 2024. 

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