​As we are renovating the SGH Museum, we have recreated a mini SGH Museum gallery at SingHealth Tower (Outram Community Hospital), Level 6, near Lift Lobby C.


It houses ‘new treasures’ that nurses today would be amazed by - such as old physician’s diagnostic set, laboratory equipment, reusable glass syringes, stainless steel injection needles with stillets, injection vials and file, surgical instruments, paying-class patient’s crockery and cutlery set, and enamel items such as a pail with cover, procedure-tray, kidney-dish, jug, Douche Can, bowl and a feeding cup with spout.  A team of veteran nurses - some already retired - helped tag and name the instruments and equipment as well as share how they were used back then.

The Matron is back

Tada! Meet Ms Lim Kwee Neo, our first local Matron, complete with an umbrella, which she used for shade as she walked from Sisters’ Quarters to the main building.

We recreated a mannequin of Ms Lim Kwee Neo - based on archival photos of Singapore’s first local Matron (1958–1961, SGH) who was also Chief Matron of the Ministry of Health (1961–1971). This involved transplanting the head and legs, as well as major ‘reconstructive aesthetic surgery’. The recreation was made possible with the resourceful, multi-departmental team from Communications, Museum, FME-ISS and Environmental Services.

A retired nurse donated her personal made-in-UK canvas shoes with shoelaces for Ms Lim.  Other items donated included original and authentic studs for the belt, and a Singapore Nursing Board pin and badge. A recreated uniform with epaulets, head dress and nametag complete the full dress code.

Visits to the mini SGH Museum gallery is from 21 Jan – 19 Feb 2021. It is strictly by online registration at museum@sgh.com.sg or call 6321 4659. Admission is free.

From 21 Jan – 19 Feb 2021, staff who visit the mini SGH Museum gallery can participate in a simple quiz and win interesting prizes. Staff can bring a guest who would receive a special limited edition gift* (while stocks last). It was specially designed by the National Heritage Board for SGH Museum and carries our SGH200 logo.
*The gift is for members of the public only.

About the SGH Museum

The SGH Museum was opened by the late President S.R. Nathan in 2005.

The SGH Museum located at Bowyer Block is currently closed for redevelopment. With support from the Preservation of Sites and Monuments, under the National Heritage Board (NHB), the SGH Museum will have a new experiential design when it reopens in April 2021.

Update: The mini SGH Museum gallery at SingHealth Tower, Level 6, is closed permanently from April 2023.

We have relocated the artefacts and exhibits to Level 2 of SGH Museum at Bowyer Block. It is open in May 2023. You are warmly invited to visit the SGH Museum to see the artefacts in their new home.

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