With wellness now institutionalised as an important ingredient in everyday life – be it at work or home, NHCS was recently abuzz with activities to commemorate International Day of Happiness which falls on 20 March. Staff were treated to a week-long celebration with an interesting gamut of activities, garnering much cheer and respite!

Mental wellness and stress management
Mental wellness and stress management remain pertinent topics in the post-pandemic world. The Joy@Work (JAW) Nursing workgroup organised a virtual session facilitated by Health Promotion Board (HPB) where close to 200 staff learnt about the importance of mental health and well-being, ways to deal with new norms and self-care through a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking through reframing of the mind.

Speaker, Ms Shirley Cheah Wong demonstrating how to do the Bear Hug, a relaxation technique.
Terrarium workshop
The JAW Nursing workgroup also organised an interesting make-your-own terrarium session. “It was therapeutic as I carefully scooped up soil and placed the mini plants into the glass bottles. I feel really satisfied seeing my work of art at the end of the session!” shared Ngai Khai Loong from Support Services whose daily work in facilities management and development is usually fast-paced and demands an eye for detail.


A calming bottle for you and me
The NHCS Peer Support Committee had colleagues off to a creative start on a Monday, no less! Participants had the opportunity to personalise their own calming bottle – clear bottles filled with water and corn syrup, with all sorts of colourful craft materials from glitter to water babies. “We experimented with various mediums before introducing them to staff. The calming bottle helps to soothe the senses – while the participants watched their handicrafts float around in the bottle.  It anchors their focus to that moment and declutters their mind, thus giving them greater clarity and brings about a calming effect,” shared Tan Boon Cheng, Peer Support domain representative for Allied Health, and Master Medical Social Worker, Medical Social Services.


Free coffee and ice-cream & getting to know about mindline at work
A line had formed at the staff lounge at 9am sharp as caffeine lovers hopped on the queue for freshly brewed artisanal coffee. The event was organised by the SingHealth Wellness Office whose colleagues were on-site to share about mindline at work, a one-stop well-being resource platform. 


Snapshot of a comic strip on the mindline at work website (accessible via corporate laptop) where healthcare staff can access well-being resources such as comic strips, meditation functions to aid sleeping, fun personality quizzes, mental health articles, and more.

Pampering our nurses
While our nurses give their best to care for our patients, it is essential to take care of their well-being too. As a gesture of appreciation to our nursing colleagues, and in tune with self-care, the JAW Nursing workgroup, and Nursing Outreach and Wellness Council, lovingly DIY-ed bath salts for all nurses. The thoughtful gifts were specially delivered to our hardworking nurses by Prof Terrance Chua, CEO, Assoc Prof Yeo Khung Keong, Deputy CEO, Assoc Prof Chin Chee Tang, Institution Wellness Officer, and Ms Amy Tay, Chief Nurse. 


Self-Care and Mutual Care
Rounding off the week of happiness were informational nuggets on self-care and mutual care shared by the NHCS Peer Support Committee. “We are all unique individuals with distinct likes and dislikes, hence the meaning of ‘E’ in SELF CARE really speaks to me – Energise: Take part in activities that recharge you. I’ll certainly do more of what I enjoy to energise myself! Desserts anyone?” shared Belinda Lim from Corporate Development.