​For Ms Samsiah Abd Fattah, a dedicated Care Pal at Bedok Polyclinic, she looks forward to each new day at work with passion and purpose. Every day is a new opportunity for her to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. 

Samsiah is from the pioneering batch of Care Pals at SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP), and she has been supporting SHP’s efforts in Healthier SG since its inception in July 2023. As a Care Pal, she explains the benefits of enrolling into Healthier SG to patients, addresses their queries, and helps those who are less IT-savvy to enrol with their preferred Primary Care Provider.

On top of her Care Pal role, Samsiah regularly steps up to guide patients on the use of e-services in the clinics, including Self-Service Kiosks and the Health Buddy mobile app. She is heartened whenever she sees patients benefit from her guidance and assistance. 

Samsiah introducing a patient to Healthier SG.

Stationed at the HSG booth, all ready to meet patients at SHP-Bedok. 

Some days, she may encounter some patients who are more challenging, but she always reminds herself to stay calm and be empathetic as she understands that the patients may be going through a difficult time. Serving with compassion, Samsiah finds joy in knowing that she has played a role in increasing awareness of the national Healthier SG initiative. Each compliment she receives serves as a heartwarming affirmation of her dedication and commitment to patient-centered care. 

Samsiah (last row 3rd from right) together with her fellow Care Pals, all ready to help patients embark on a healthier journey.

Samsiah (second from left) with fellow colleagues at SHP-Bedok.

Beyond work, Samsiah loves travelling and singing. These hobbies enrich her life, provide opportunities for self-discovery as well as a channel for her to recharge her energy.

A die-hard fan of the football club, Manchester United, Samsiah poses for a photo at the Old Trafford Stadium.

Samsiah finding solace in the tranquility of a quiet town during her travels.

Samsiah is committed to living each day to the fullest and lives by the quote, “Live everyday like it’s your last”. This quote is a reminder to her and to all of us as well, to be present in the moment, cherish relationships and pursue our passions, without leaving regrets. It is therefore important to prioritise health, be committed to self-care so that we can all live fuller and more vibrant lives. 

Care Pals are stationed at the Healthier SG enrolment booths across all our 10 polyclinics. Approach them to find out more about Healthier SG and how you can enrol into the programme to take your first step towards better health!

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