Dr Emily Lee, Associate Consultant, SingHealth Polyclinics – Eunos, attending to an MCT patient during a follow-up appointment

Healthier SG (HSG), a national initiative to empower citizens to take steps towards better health, marks a significant milestone in our nation's healthcare system, shifting from caring for those who are already sick, to proactively preventing individuals from falling ill through lifestyle and behavioural modification. 

In support of  HSG, SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) launched My Care Team (MCT), our team-based care programme which provide integrated care to our patients through a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, comprising Doctors, Nurses and Care Coordinators to transform patient experience, and actively engage and empower patients as full participants in preventive care. 

MCT was first piloted at SHP-Eunos and SHP-Punggol in July 2022, and the programme was officially rolled out to all SingHealth Polyclinics by January 2023. The programme was well-received by many of our patients, and they were glad to participate in the programme as they saw many benefits for their health. 

Mr Ho, a patient who has been visiting SingHealth Polyclinics for several years now, was among the many who are very happy to be a part of MCT. He shared,"The enrolment process was very fast.  My doctor and I discussed and agreed on a set of health goals, which enables me to better manage my diet and lifestyle." Mr Ho also shared that instead of consulting different doctors in the past, joining MCT facilitates communication and builds better rapport with his assigned care team. He added, "The Health Pals from my MCT also remind me of the vaccinations that I am required to take, making sure I am always up-to-date with them!"

Adopting a preventive care approach, MCT harnesses the strengths of each member and pools knowledge and resources to develop a personalised and comprehensive care plan for each patient. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure." MCT promotes preventive care by encouraging patients to go for appropriate health screenings and vaccinations. With proactive follow-ups to address preventive or chronic care gaps, patients will be able to better navigate their care plans and take ownership of their own health.

"With the aging population and increasingly complex care for our patients, it has become more challenging for our physicians to look after patients all by themselves. My Care Team, which consists of medical doctors, care managers, who are nurses, health pals, who are health coordinators – each playing a specific role in the care of patients – will help deliver comprehensive care for our patients in a coordinated and smooth manner. Along with meaningful patient engagement, we hope to be able to partner you to empower yourself to take charge of your health!", Dr Ng Lok Pui, Director, Regional Clinical Services, East, SingHealth Polyclinics, Programme Lead for My Care Team

Hear from our enthusiastic team of MCT members from SHP-Pasir Ris:

      L-R:  Senior Staff Nurse Diana Binte Mohamed Yusoff, Dr Scott Joel Heng Yu Jie, and Senior Patient Service Associate Nuradiah Binte Mudah all ready to serve our MCT patients!

"MCT links patients to a core team of healthcare professionals, with an emphasis on early recognition and prevention of chronic diseases. Let's journey together towards a Healthier You and a Healthier Singapore!"– Dr Scott Joel Heng Yu Jie, Medical Officer

"MCT allows patients to receive comprehensive care from the team. This will lead to improved health outcomes and satisfaction from patients."– Ms Diana Binte Mohamed Yusoff, Senior Staff Nurse

"When patients are happy and well taken care of, everything else, including good health and a better quality of life will follow!"  Ms Nuradiah Binte Mudah, Senior Patient Service Associate

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