Every year, September 19 is a poignant day for Stephen and Ezhili. It marks the anniversary of the passing of their firstborn child Tianna in 2012 due to Necrotizing Enterocolitis, an inflammation of the intestinal tissue. 

Amidst the shadow of their loss and sorrow, Ezhili had a beautiful idea to turn their grief into a positive force by helping others facing similar challenges. 

“When Tianna was in hospital, we found ourselves in a situation where we were struggling financially because of her medical treatment. After she passed on, it took several years for us to navigate through the grieving process and overcome the profound loss we experienced,” shared Stephen. 

In July 2019, Stephen and Ezhili initiated a fundraising campaign ‘In Memory of Tianna Hensi’ on Giving.sg in support of the KKH Health Fund. The Fund supports needy women and children patients at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). In just one year, more than $16,400 was raised to support patients who were in pressing need of financial assistance. 

“KKH holds a special place in our hearts – that’s where we had our other two children, Glenys and Hervi. 

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation to KKH for the support and care given to us and our children, and we know that our gift would contribute to the welfare of other families who may require assistance in caring for their newborns,” said Stephen.  

‘In Memory of Tianna Hensi’ is still going strong. Since then, the couple has raised more than $24,500 for the KKH Health Fund and are not planning on stopping. “I hope that through this small act, it will make a difference in the lives of families with infants and children,” said Stephen.

To give to the Stephen's and Ezhili's 'In memory of Tianna Hensi' campaign, please click here.

To find out more you can support initiatives similar to this, please email lisa.loh.ee.wen@kkh.com.sg.