"There were more than 2,500 lower limb arthroplasty procedures are performed at the Singapore General Hospital every year.  In the past, each procedure required an Operating Theatre (OT) technician to manually lift and brace the patient's leg while the surgeon disinfected the leg before surgery.  The process took up to eight minutes to complete. Many of our OT technicians suffered from strained shoulders and a sore back as a result of this task.

Together with a team of orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, OT technicians and a biomechanical engineer, we experimented with several prototypes that could bear the weight of a patient's leg, and at the same time not compromise on patient safety.

After six months, we developed a leg hoist that could do the job. Patient safety is strengthened and we save a whopping 2,008 man-hours annually."


The Challengers
Singapore General Hospital

Winner of the Best Team-Clinical Practice Improvement Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Award 2016. Click here to view their video.


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