"In 2013, a study by the Department of Internal Medicine at Singapore General Hospital found that 45 per cent of the top 10 admitting diagnoses were for infection related conditions.  76 per cent of this group of patients were hospitalized for three or more days.

To help reduce the length of stay so patients could return home sooner, we set up a 67-bed Acute Medical Ward in February 2015 to care for them.  A new set of evidence-based Clinical Care Pathways was also developed to reduce variability in clinical practice.

To enhance communication within the care team, we introduced daily "Multi-Disciplinary Team Rounds" which involve the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and medical social workers. Each profession brings a different expertise to the patient's journey and all are equally important.

Such face time is helpful because it allows the entire care team to discuss the needs of each patient in detail, thus leading to more accurate and timely referrals.

Through this multi-pronged approach, the average length of stay for pneumonia patients was reduced from 7.4 days to 5.9 days and patients saw cost savings of up to 25 per cent.

Introducing this new model of care was not easy because it involved a complete rework of workflow and processes. But once it was proven to be beneficial for our patients, everyone came on board."


The AMW Workgroup
Singapore General Hospital

Winner of the Best Team - Clinical Practice Improvement Award, Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2017


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