"I didn't expect myself to end up as a pharmacist because I detested taking medicine as a child.  But one day my mother fell sick and I had to help her manage her medications with her pharmacists.  I was deeply touched and impressed by their professionalism and patience. T he encounter completely solidified my decision to become a pharmacist.

At work, I manage the pharmacy's operations and services.  I provide medication counselling service to patients and empower them with the knowledge to understand and manage their own medications, so that they can achieve the best outcome possible from the therapy.  I also provide drug information to my colleagues and train my juniors - pre-registration pharmacists, new pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

I want to make a difference in my patient's lives, and I know I will be able to do that as a pharmacist."


Sy Li Chin
Clinic Pharmacy Manager
SingHealth Polyclinics


Tags: Pharmacist, Allied Health