​The feature article profiled two of SKH's healthcare staff involved in COVID-19 at the frontlines, Siti Mariam Binte Mohamad Salim, Principal Medical Social Worker, SKH, and Rosman Bin Abdul Karim, SKH's Ambulance Driver, Lentor Ambulance.

As a Principal Medical Social Worker, Siti Mariam, who has been supporting the ICU mainly, shared that she helps to check in with families of those who are waiting for results or has been confirmed and are in ICU. Aside from handling patients and their families, she also provides peer support to staff. This could be for staff who are highly anxious about the situation, stressed out because of work or personal issues, or those who might have been exposed in their line of duty. She would also visit the different wards to speak to staff during their roll-call to check-in on them as a way to thank them and show our appreciation for their hard work.

Rosman shared that as an ambulance crew, he is responsible for conveying suspected COVID-19 patients to the designated hospitals safely and efficiently. This includes abiding by guidelines and ensuring that their proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn properly to minimize the risk of exposure, as well as having to wipe down the ambulance thoroughly after patient transfers to avoid any possible infection. He also recounted the time he was first activated to transfer a suspected COVID-19 paediatric case to another hospital. He described it as a "rewarding experience", as aside from lending his expertise and knowledge during critical moments, they too provide assurance, confidence and comfort to their patients.