The feature article profiled two of SKH's healthcare staff involved in COVID-19 at the frontlines, Dr Ubaidullah Shaik Dawood, Consultant, Department of Renal Medicine, SKH, and Farhana Binte Mohamed Farid, Senior Staff Nurse, SKH.

Dr Ubaidullah has been involved in the management of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in SKH since February this year. Sharing about his responsibility as a senior physician, he emphasized on the importance of looking after one's self, our junior staff and nurses, and most importantly, our patients. This includes keeping their spirits high, constantly motivating them, and avoiding getting burned out. Being on the frontlines, he highlighted that keeping the high standard of practice at all times is crucial. This includes being vigilant, practising hand hygiene, using hand sanitisers, wearing masks and PPE properly, and updating family members about their loved ones. He encouraged members of the public to play their part by being vigilant and socially responsible.

Farhana has been involved in caring for COVID-19 patients since January this year when the hospital received its first case. Although she was worried initially, she remained committed to providing care as the hospital had been conducting training related to isolation protocol and guidelines for infection control even before COVID-19. They also had simulation exercises and rehearsals on the management of cases like MERS-CoV and Ebola previously. She encouraged members of the public to stay at home and take this opportunity to spend more time with their family, practise good personal hygiene, and not to panic.