​"As a Transitional Home Care (THC) nurse, I care for patients who require post-discharge support. I remember a patient who was struggling to cope at home.  She had a history of urinary tract infection, schizophrenia and was wheelchair-bound.

When we visited her at her home, she was severely dehydrated, constipated and was starting to develop pressure sores.  Her caregiver was stressed out by financial difficulties and had problems caring for her.  

During the home visit, we helped to discard the expired drugs and taught her caregiver how to transfer her from bed to wheelchair safely and advised on dietary needs and exercises.  At the end of the three-month programme, I was confident that my patient was well cared for at home.

It gives me great satisfaction to work with community partners and caregivers to help patients transit smoothly from hospital to home."


Siti Hajar Binte Ninhadi
Assistant Nurse Clinician 
Department of Family Medicine & Continuing Care
Singapore General Hospital


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