4 August 2015

For immediate release

Sengkang Health will be caring for patients at Alexandra Hospital when the hospital progressively reopens with limited services from 11 August 2015

Sengkang Health has taken over the management of Alexandra Hospital (AH) on 30 June 2015. Since then, renovation works in the hospital has commenced to enhance the delivery of care and services to patients.

AH will reopen in phases from 11 August 2015. In its first phase, a section of the hospital will be opened to take in stable patients from other public hospitals, who require a longer period of care. As such, medical services available in this phase will be limited to inpatient care only, supported by allied health services. There will be no emergency department. For emergency cases, the public are advised to visit the next nearest public hospitals, namely, the Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital.

Specialist Clinics will be opened progressively from 1st quarter 2016. Patients will not be seen at these Specialist Clinics in the meantime. More details on other medical services will be announced at a later date.

“Surrounded by greenery and with its colonial architecture, Alexandra Hospital provides a natural environment for healing and recuperation. We are privileged to care for patients at AH and would like to assure them that patient care and safety are our topmost priority as we continue with renovation works to enhance the patient experience,” said Prof Christopher Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Sengkang Health.

Sengkang Health looks forward to working with the public healthcare family to ensure the continuity of care for patients and the surrounding community even as we prepare to manage the future Sengkang General and Community Hospitals.

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