Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) will open progressively from 18 August 2018, and Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH) from 28 August 2018. The SKH Campus will offer a comprehensive suite of specialist care, inpatient and rehabilitation services, as well as Accident & Emergency services. Its opening will enhance access to healthcare services, particularly for those staying in the Northeast region of Singapore.   

When fully opened, the SKH Campus will expand the national healthcare capacity by a total of 1,400 beds.  The integration of SKH (1,000 beds) and SKCH (400 beds) within a single campus allows patients to look forward to a 'one care plan, one patient experience', with seamless transition of care from initial diagnosis and treatment, to rehabilitative care.

"We have been building up over the last 6 years to get our entire healthcare team, the infrastructure and facilities ready to be a hospital for the community.  Our priority and focus are to ensure that the hospital opens smoothly and safely for our patients and that they receive the appropriate care and treatment at the right time.  Beyond taking care of their medical needs, everything we do is also aimed at motivating future generations to be healthier, better equipped to manage their health, and hopefully reduce the need for hospital visits," said Prof Christopher Cheng, SKH's Chief Executive Officer.

One Care Plan, One Patient Experience

Patients who are admitted into SKH will be treated holistically, with a focus on acute medical care to treat and stabilise their conditions. Patients will benefit from having a primary doctor to oversee and coordinate their care throughout their hospitalisation stay and follow-up visits. Having coordinated care helps minimise the duplication of treatments, procedures and multiple appointments, delivers patient-centric care and promotes better health outcomes.

Patients who require continuing care to support their transition back home and into the community will be transferred to SKCH which provides medical, nursing and rehabilitation care with a focus to help patients regain certain levels of physical functions so that they can return home to their daily activities as much as possible.

"We have designed the environment to be as close to home as possible, simulating living spaces at home and encouraging patients to be mobile and active. Apart from hardware, heartware is equally important. Our multi-disciplinary teams understand that our patients want to resume activities that they enjoy and return home as soon as possible. Hence, we plan the care journey together with our patients in helping them achieve goals to transit smoothly back to their homes and the community. We will also be partnering community partners to ensure that our patients' health is well managed even after discharge," said Ms Margaret Lee, SKCH's Chief Executive Officer.

Both teams will collaborate, share information and co-design the care plan so that patients can get a head start in the healing process, beginning their rehabilitation early while they are still receiving inpatient medical treatment.

SKH and SKCH also work with community partners to ensure that patients are well taken care of even after they leave the hospitals, to empower patients to take greater ownership of their personal health, to stay healthy and happy within the community.

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