​KKH is recognised by the Royal Government and the Cambodian People for decade-long efforts in developing maternal-fetal health

In recognition of decade-long efforts to improve maternal and child mortality, the KKH team has been awarded the Monisaraphon Medal by the Royal Government and the Cambodian People.

To help mothers and babies thrive, KKH has established a self-sustaining model of care in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia, by implementing clinical protocols for high risk pregnancies across close to 50 healthcare centres.

“Maternal health has a generational impact. Tackling health issues surrounding the mother and child has improved the quality of medical care, giving sustainable benefits to families and the community,” said Dr Shephali Tagore, Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology International Medical Programme, KKH.

Making an impact for future generations

Expanding the model of care across Cambodia, KKH is embarking on the IMPACT Project: Improving Maternal & Paediatric outcomes through Advocacy & Collaborative Training, in collaboration with the Water and Healthcare Foundation, Cambodia, The Silent Foundation and the Cambodia Provincial Health Department.

The IMPACT Project will enhance training, education and research in maternal, infant and paediatric care, towards building resilient and healthier generations.