​Our in-patient pharmacists share how they GROSS-ed their frustrating hardcopy roster process to a convenient e-version. Now they can swap and track duties with one another anytime on their mobile phones, giving them more time for self-care and patient care.

Every month, pharmacist Ching Hui draws up the roster for 100+ pharmacists in the in-patient team, taking in different needs of the general wards, ICU, transplant and neonatal services. 

She emails a soft copy to everyone, but any swaps in duties must be made in person on a hardcopy roster at the Discharge Pharmacy. Tracking is crucial - errors means chaos and affect shift allowances. 

After years of this headache, the pharmacy digital & productivity team leveraged M365 to GROSS out this frustrating process. 

Using TEAMS' shared document feature, multiple parties can edit the roster in real time and tracking is possible for accountability. 

Goodbye chaos! Hello, joy at work and more time for self-care and patient care.