Congratulations to the SingHealth winners of the 
COVID Public Sector Transformation (PST) Awards

The PST Awards commends public officers and agencies for excellence in their work and organisational practices. The awards are aimed at encouraging officers and agencies to pursue excellence in their work by recognising best practices, as well as desired behaviours and values that undergird their achievements. Set against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the PST Awards on 6 July 2022 has a special focus on COVID-19 efforts.

SingHealth won the One Public Service award, alongside IHiS, MOHH, the public healthcare clusters and others, for the creation and running of COVID-19 Treatment Facilities (CTFs) – believed to be the first of its kind worldwide. This resulted in the provision of prompt, safe and appropriate care for patients, particularly when there were surges in community cases.

Dr Edwin Low, who headed external operations to treat migrant workers in dormitories during the peak of the pandemic, won the Exemplary Leader Award. Recognised for his experience and expertise, Dr Low and his team played a key role in our fight against COVID-19.

One Public Service Award

Singapore Health Services
Creating COVID-19 Treatment Facilities

Exemplary Leader Award

Dr Edwin Low Cheng Tee
Director, Programme Development, SingHealth Office of Regional Health

About the awards:

One Public Service Award
This award recognises exemplary inter-agency initiatives that have reflected a sustained and institutionalised approach to collaboration.

Exemplary Leader Award
This award recognises exemplary leaders who have led and grown their teams, as well as driven excellent service, innovation and change within their teams.