"My very first experience with physiotherapy was accompanying my sister to receive treatment for her dislocated knee.  After I completed my A levels, I did volunteer work at a Volunteer Welfare Organisation (VWO), which helps patients with disabilities.  It was that unique opportunity that helped me discover my interest in physiotherapy.

When I first started out as a physiotherapist, I was fresh and new.  My patient was only about 2 years older than me and she had a congenital cardiac condition.  She was tough and strong willed.  She experienced a lot of complications due to her condition, but was determined not to let her condition hold her back.

She continued to embrace a positive attitude and push herself to do better, so that she can be discharged from the hospital earlier and return home.  Her fighting spirit left an imprint on me and it is something I have learned and will never forget."


Parveen Kaur Sidhu
Principal Physiotherapist
KK Women's & Children's Hospital


Tags: Physiotherapist, Allied Health