​Ms Lee Soon Keng is a patient with oral lichen planus, and has trouble eating spicy food. After misdiagnoses and ineffective drugs, she sought help from Dr Chelsia Sim from NDCS, who explained the disease to her in detail, and taught her how to control the condition. In the article, Dr Sim explained what oral lichen planus is, and that there is currently no cure for the condition. Dr Sim also shared that oral lichen planus is not caused by bacterial infection, thus over-the-counter oral medication and antibiotics generally do not work. As oral lichen planus is a life-long condition, patients have to regularly return to follow-up with their doctor. It is mainly treated with corticosteroids, and in severe cases, systemic medications may be needed. To prevent oral lichen planus, a balanced diet is important, as well as exercise and stress-relief.

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