"I am most passionate about assisting children with handwriting problems, because these children often have other underlying problems, which might manifest in behavioural issues like task avoidance or low self-esteem.  Not many people understand the complexity of how handwriting problems could affect a child's overall performance in school.  As such, I hope to not only raise the awareness of possible handwriting interventions available but also to assist these children in improving their handwriting.

I used to see a child for situational anxiety for school oral examinations.  Through regular therapy and consistent collaboration with the child, family and other allied health professionals, he was eventually able to pass his year end school oral examinations. It is through these simple achievements my patient made that motivates me to strive harder for them.

Besides my clinical work, I am involved in a couple of research projects as a budding clinical researcher.  Through these research projects, we aim to offer the current best evidence practices for our patients. Hence ensuring that our patients are receiving well established interventions that are available during their therapy sessions."


Ong Li Hui
Occupational Therapist
KK Women's and Children's Hospital


Tags: Occupational Therapist, Allied Health