From fixing technical hiccups to surprising the Nursing department with a bubble tea treat, NNI Quality Service Awards (April to September 2023 cycle) Star Award recipient, Nurul 'Ain Binte Nordin, Associate Executive, Neuroscience Nursing, NNI, shares how she finds joy in supporting her colleagues at work.

Thoughtful, reliable and an “angel” – these are some words that were used to describe Nurul 'Ain Binte Nordin, affectionately known as Ain, by the Nursing department at NNI.

Ain joined NNI in 2021 and has since made a significant impact on the Nursing department. Her role as an Associate Executive involves a multitude of administrative tasks such as scheduling department meetings, processing staff claims, planning regular joyful department gatherings e.g. bowling sessions and many more. Despite the challenges that come with her job, such as coordinating the busy schedules of nurses and documenting complex meeting discussions, Ain stays calm under pressure and her approach remains steadfast: seek clarification and plan ahead to avoid conflicts. This proactive approach ensures that the Nursing department can function smoothly and focus on their critical work.

What keeps Ain going?

“It feels good when I am able to extend help to the nurses. Whether it’s an admin or technical issue, I’ll be more than happy to assist,” shares Ain.

As a problem-solver with a heart, knowing that her support can improve her colleagues’ day-to-day operations drives her to excel. Ain does not hesitate to lend a helping hand to provide IT or administrative assistance, even if it means guiding her colleagues through a video call to install computer applications such as Microsoft365 and Success Factor (new People Connexion).

Ain also enjoys the little things at work, like ordering food for the nurses during bi-weekly department meetings, which occasionally includes a bubble tea treat. These gestures may seem small, but they boost team morale and camaraderie.

Dr Ng Wai May, Director of Nursing, NNI, extends her appreciation to Ain which is echoed by many nurses who work closely with her, "Thank you, Ain, you have never failed to deliver. You have been such a great support to our nursing team. Thank you for bringing joy to our team!"

Ain is one of the 18 NNI staff members who received the NNI Quality Service Awards (April to September 2024 cycle), which recognise service excellence in NNI. The other Star Award recipients are:

A further 10 NNI staff members received the Gold Award and 35 received the Silver Award.

Congratulations to all recipients of the NNI Quality Service Awards (April to September 2023 cycle). Thank you for your unwavering dedication to provide service excellence to our patients and colleagues!